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Degree from National Opens the Door to Business Career

Apr 13, 2015

Lexington Campus graduate Tammy Bush was looking for a way to transition from her career in home health care into the business world when she enrolled at American National University. “I was just out researching different colleges and universities trying to figure out what fit for me,” she recalled. “When I came to National, it was just like an open door, and they gave me all the information that I needed.”

Tammy’s goal was recently achieved when she was hired as an assistant manager at Rally’s Restaurant a few months before completing her business administration-management program. She feels that her work with the American National University career center was one of the keys to helping her achieve her goal. “I was looking for a more challenging and more competitive way to go about getting what I wanted [in my career] – and I had various resources [available to help me with] my résumé,” she said. “That helped me open a lot of doors.”

At Rally’s, Tammy enjoys managing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant and providing exceptional service and delicious food to her customers. She plans to use the experience that she’s gaining at Rally’s, as well as the advice of her instructors and fellow students at National, as a stepping stone to owning her own soul food restaurant. “I’ve developed a business plan; I’ve developed a grand opening; I’ve developed a menu,” she shared. “Everybody [at National] has been pitching in and helping me out.”

Lexington Campus graduate Tammy Bush is working as an assistant manager at Rally's Restaurant and developing a business plan to open her own soul food restaurant.

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