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“My self-esteem went through the roof!”

“My self-esteem went through the roof!”

Feb 20, 2018

“I’m already dreading the end of my next set of classes,” said Debra Elvish, who enjoys her classes so much that she doesn’t want them to end!

Debra is a student in the eUniversity Health Information Management degree program. She recently graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding diploma program at National’s Bristol Campus and decided to re-enroll so she could improve her chances of moving up in her company.

“I started as a receptionist [at the company I work for] and then I moved into the health information department as a clerk,” she said explaining why she wanted to go to college. She said that when she briefly filled in as the interim director, she was shown “bits and pieces” of the skills she would need to run the department. She said, “I need to get the rest of this knowledge, so I can move forward!”

When researching colleges, Debra not only discovered that National had the programs she was interested in, but the class scheduling was also a good fit for her. She was able to take classes both in person at the campus and from the comfort of her own home through distance education. And she learned that they each have their own benefits. “I loved [my experience here!],” she said. “The people are fantastic; they are [always available] if you have questions."

As a cancer survivor, Debra would like to use her education someday to do coding for the cancer registry. She is also interested in learning more about the work-from-home coding programs offered by the government. With her new education from National, she has a new confidence for what her future holds:  "My self-esteem went through the roof!”

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