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A Student Shares Her Personal Story on Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Dec 16, 2013

The Bristol Campus observed Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday, October 30th.   Student Alicia Pruitt knows firsthand how important breast cancer screening and early detection are.  She was a new mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26 and she bravely continues to battle the disease.  In addition to chemotherapy and radiation, Alicia most recently underwent surgery on November 6th.  Alicia spoke to students about her experience with breast cancer.  “Even if you’re a man or woman,” Alicia says, “you are not exempt from breast cancer—regardless of your age or nationality.”

Students were also provided the latest information regarding breast cancer including how to do a self-breast exam.  Students who attended the program were given “Fight Like a Girl” t-shirts.  Instructor Jessica Phillips hosted the games Jeopardy and Bingo so students could test their knowledge of breast cancer.

Alicia enrolled at National College in March of 2012. She is in the medical assisting program and will graduate next July. 

Student Alicia Pruitt talks about her personal fight with breast cancer in the student lounge on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

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