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Age is Just a Number at National College

Oct 28, 2013

Students who attend the Bristol Campus range in age from traditional to non-traditional.  Two students who are on opposite ends of the age spectrum are Kendra Tibbs, 16, and David McMahon, 59.  Kendra was just 15 years old when she enrolled at National College last month and turned 16 on the first day of classes.  She was home schooled and has already completed her high school education.  Kendra is attending National College in order to become a pharmacy technician.  When asked why she decided to go to college, she answered, “My mom and dad never did (go to college) and everyone told me I couldn’t.”  Kendra is proving the skeptics wrong and she has big goals which National College will surely help her to achieve.  She chose National because it is close to home and “I always heard good things about it.”  After she gets her initial degree she plans to further her education And eventually become a pharmacist.

David McMahon is currently pursuing his first college degree and he has completed more than half of the needed credit hours to earn his associate’s degree in information systems engineering (ISE).  He has finished five terms.  “When I was in high school, there were virtually no computers being used,” said David. “Now they are everywhere—in cell phones, cars… I wanted to keep up with the modern world and I didn’t want to get left behind.” David also commented on why he feels you are never too old to further your education: “At 59 years old I feel that I am just middle aged.  I was born in the ‘50s and at that time, 59 years-old was considered to be an old man—retirement age.” David has a lot to look forward to.  After he completes his associate’s degree, he plans to continue his education by obtaining his bachelor’s degree in business administration.  He feels that an associate’s degree in ISE will provide him with a firm educational base for a degree in business.  David chose National because of the convenient location and because he sought to gain “one on one experience and not just be a number.”

(A)-Student Kendra Tibbs, just 16 years old, is studying to become a pharmacy technician.

(B)-Student David McMahon is pursuing his associate’s degree in information systems engineering.

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