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Exceptional Medical Student Receives Scholarship Award

May 20, 2014

Bristol Campus student, Jim Bare didn’t know when he attended a student activities council (SAC) meeting on Tuesday, May 6th that he would be receiving an award.  After the meeting concluded, campus director Michael Stout took the podium.  When it was announced that Jim Bare had won the Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges & Schools (TAICS) Scholarship award, Jim’s eyes grew wide with surprise and the whole room erupted in applause.  Jim’s mother was also there to see him receive the award.

Jim is completing an associate’s degree in medical assisting.  He started classes in February, 2013 and will graduate this July.  He was nominated by Sheri Jessee who is the director of health care education.  Jim qualified for the scholarship because of his full-time status, GPA, academic progress, income level, and because he is a first generation post-secondary student.   Jim also submitted a very touching personal essay.

“I am the only one in the family that ever wanted to further their education and to gain as much knowledge as I can,” stated Jim in the essay.  “My parents never did finish middle school and wanted more for their children.  I wanted more than just a high school diploma.”  He said he chose National because, “It is a small campus and it has that family feel to it,” said Jim.  “I tried going to a community college but I didn’t feel comfortable there.  I was just a number and not a person.”

Jim’s future career goal is to be a phlebotomist in a medical lab.  “Since I am close to graduation, I want to do phlebotomy as well as medical assisting,” said Jim.   I volunteer my time in my doctor’s office in the lab.  I want to be certified so I can be more marketable.  No one told me to do that; I took it upon myself to seek that extra training so I can be efficient in that field.  I have done over 200 sticks.”  Jim also volunteers with the American Cancer Society in honor of his father who passed from cancer and he volunteers with Tennessee Donor Services.  There he gives presentations about organ donations and how to register.

“This school and medical program have helped me to grow as a young man and as a human being,” said Jim.  “You have to have the maturity to do this type of work and the dedication to learn as much as you can.  I believe the [instructors] I have had, [and through]the experience with the organizations that I work with, I have gained that knowledge and dedication to the medical field that I love so much,“ says Jim.

Campus director Michael Stout presents student Jim Bare with the TAICS Scholarship Award.

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