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Family Matters at National College

Dec 30, 2013

The Bristol Campus has numerous students enrolled whose family members also attend.  There are students enrolled with their spouses, siblings, cousins, and even with their parents. Tammy and Alicia Brady are a mother-daughter duo enrolled at National College.  Ocie McCarty and Christy Jones are first cousins who attend together.

Tammy and Alicia are pursuing associate’s degrees in medical assisting.  They started college together in July.  When asked why they chose to go to college and why they chose National College, the women’s answers varied.  Tammy wanted to pursue a career change after medical problems forced her to quit driving a truck.  Tammy said that the idea of starting college after a career in the trucking industry made her nervous.  She says it helps that her daughter, Alicia, is attending with her for moral support.  Alicia said, “I want to be able to have a good career that will support me and my two boys.”

Tammy and Alicia chose National College because of a smaller classroom setting where they can receive more individual attention.  Both students were quick to point out that even though they are in the same program, they rarely study together because they have different learning styles.  “Our ethics teacher noticed that we debated a lot in class and that we have very different opinions,” says Alicia.  After they graduate, Tammy and Alicia both plan to pursue additional degrees in the medical field in order to further their careers.

Ocie McCarty and Christy Jones are also pursuing their associate’s degrees in medical assisting.  They started classes together in September.  Ocie says the women decided to attend to together “to be accountable for each other and to support each other.  Together we want to make our families proud.”  Christy says, “My dad [passed away recently and] always wanted me to further my education.  Ocie always reminds me and says, ’that’s what Uncle Jerry (my dad) would want you to do!’”  The women chose National College because of its good reputation and its welcoming environment.  Christy was specifically seeking a college with a two-year program.  Both women are looking forward to their future careers as medical assistants. 

(A)-Alicia Brady (l) and Tammy Brady (r) are a mother and daughter duo at the Bristol Campus.

(B)-Ocie McCarty and Christy Jones are first cousins who are attending college together.

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