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Gail Borio-Librarian-Knoxville

Aug 04, 2014

• Gail Borio—Difference Maker at the Knoxville Campus

• Librarian

• National College staff member for 8 years
• Has been a librarian for 30 years
• Recipient of National College’s Librarian of the Year award for the Tennessee division for the past 6 years

• Has gained experience as a reference research librarian, a high school librarian, a university serials department librarian, and a library director for a small public library

“Our students here are very special to me.  As librarian, I get to know them, care about them, and especially help them succeed in their academic endeavors.  The library is an ideal place for me to show them how to succeed.  When they learn how to research a topic and receive a good grade on an assignment, they are like sponges; their confidence grows, and they want to learn more.

“I appreciate and admire the students who come to National College and have to juggle home, family, school, and lots of life situations but do so with honesty and determination and are successful!”

“Gail is kind and helpful to all students,” said Dr. Pamela Moon, campus director.  “She always goes the extra mile to assist the students with their needs.  We are fortunate to have such a great person as our librarian at the Knoxville Campus!”

Gail Borio is the librarian at the Knoxville Campus.  She has 30 years of experience.

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