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Husband and Wife Team Make the Dean's List

Nov 10, 2014

Nicole and William Melton are going back to school together and are making academic strides.  The husband and wife team recently made the Dean’s List at the Bristol Campus. Nicole is pursuing a degree in medical assisting, while her husband William is working on his bachelor’s degree in business administration-management.  “We use each other as a support system and encourage one another to stay on task,” said Nicole. The couple decided to go back to school to complete their education and gain a better quality of life.  “We chose National College because of the small class sizes and how quickly we would be able to earn our degrees,” Nicole explained.

Another motivating factor for Nicole and William are National College’s military education benefits. William is an Army veteran, and the couple met while they were both serving in the Army Reserve.  In addition to being able to use William’s GI Bill, they also qualified for the Blue Ribbon Grant.  The Blue Ribbon Grant, offered exclusively at National College, awards up to $15,000 in additional financial support to eligible veterans and dependents.  It has helped Nicole and William have the financial freedom to go back to school.
Since enrolling at National College, Nicole has started working at Mountain State Pharmacy, where she was referred by director of health care education Sheri Jessee, and William is hoping to start his own business while earning his degree.  They hope to eventually be able to work together in a family business.

Husband and wife William and Nicole Melton study together. They are both pursuing degrees at the Bristol Campus.

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