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Leroy Baymon-Admissions Inquiry Manager-Memphis

Sep 02, 2014

• Leroy Baymon—Difference Maker at the Memphis Campus

• Admissions Inquiry Manager

• Former recipient of Employee of the Year award for the Memphis Campus
• U.S. Army veteran with 7 years of personnel administration experience

• Attended University of Maryland

“When students need assistance or guidance, sometimes the extra step we [staff members] take can make a big difference.
“I enjoy being there for our students, talking to them, and showing them I’m always interested. I try to demonstrate to them the 5 P’s—Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance; set goals, check and balance, and follow them through.
“I love what I do and give my all to the staff and students every day.”

Leroy Baymon is a Difference Maker at the Memphis Campus.  He is a former recipient of the Employee of the Year award. 

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