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Aug 13, 2013

It was a bittersweet experience for Sheri Jessee, director of health care education of the Bristol Campus, to say goodbye to the spring medical assisting class. The class was filled with good students that were eager to learn and succeed.  The graduates proved their good work ethic by having 100% pass their Registered Medical Assistant exam.

The class included a student with a major accomplishment: Allison Bernheimer received a perfect score.  Allison attributed her success to the instructors, Sheri Jessee and Susan Patrick, for being very helpful and supportive.  She said their anatomy and coding classes were challenging but good preparation for the exam. 

It was a family sacrifice for Allison to return to school as a single parent of a 10- year-old son.  “Just because you come from a single parent family doesn’t mean you have a disadvantage,” said Allison. “[I chose] to either be a victim or make something of myself and become a role model for my son.” Allison, along with another student, was so inspired by their experience at National College that they have decided to continue their education and pursue a Registered Nursing (RN) degree.  The medical assisting program continues to produce fine graduates that are prepared for the work force and are inspired to carry on with their education.

Medical assisting graduate, Allison Bernheimer, received a perfect RMA exam score.


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