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Madison Drug Recognized for Continuous Support of Health Care Students and Graduates

Jan 13, 2015

Madison Drug was recently named a Distinguished Community Employer by the Richmond Campus in recognition of its strong support of career college education. The pharmacy, which opened in Richmond just two years ago, has seen tremendous growth due to the personal attention and excellent customer service it provides. It also quickly became an invaluable partner to the Richmond Campus, offering externships and employment opportunities to American National University pharmacy technology students and graduates.  

Sheri Ingram, a graduate of the pharmacy technology and medical assisting programs at the Richmond Campus, worked as an extern at Madison Drug and was hired there as a certified pharmacy technician after graduating.  

“She’s done great,” said pharmacist Charles Abney of Sheri’s work. “Even in the initial process [during her externship], she was a super help, and of course that’s why we hired her.”

Dr. Abney feels that the externship is very beneficial to students, providing hands-on experience that helps them retain the knowledge that they need to successfully pass their certification test, as Sheri did. Certification is important because it helps demonstrate graduates’ proficiency in the field to employers. “If you are able to pass the test, it tells us where you’re at,” Dr. Abney explained.  

Sheri enjoys working with her customers and co-workers in the pharmacy, and she feels that her education from American National University put her on the path to career success. “I now have a road to walk down, instead of wandering around aimlessly,” Sheri said.

A- Richmond Campus career center director Cynthia Hansel is shown presenting the Distinguished Community Employer award to pharmacist Charles Abney of Madison Drug.

B- Sheri Ingram is one of many American National University students who have completed externships in the pharmacy at Madison Drug. She was later hired as a certified pharmacy technician by Madison Drug after graduating from the Richmond Campus.

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