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Mom’s New Career Helps Others, and Her Family Too

Jul 24, 2012

Stacey Sylvia (pictured) wanted a better life for her family and knew that a proper education was the key to achieving her goal. After becoming a proud wife and mother, she bounced back and forth between jobs in retail and fast food while struggling to raise her family. After a time, she realized that her dreams of “helping people to be healthy” would never happen unless she went back to school so she started to research her options.

Stacey decided to enroll in the pharmacy technician diploma program at the Bristol Campus. She liked that the program would get her trained and out into the workforce within a short amount of time. It didn’t take long after she started her program to realize National was a great fit. She especially liked that her instructors were well qualified in their field and had real work experience in what they were teaching. She also liked the class schedules that she could balance around work and family.

Very soon after graduation, Stacey was hired at CVS pharmacy in Kingsport, Tennessee. “I love my job and am doing exactly what I went to school to do…help people,” Stacey said. Not only is Stacey happy to be helping others, but she also takes pride in the hard work she puts into her studies at National. “I knew that if I didn’t give up and kept my eye on the prize, that I would accomplish my goals and help to create a better life for my family.”

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