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Patricia Eby - Anatomy & Physiology Instructor - Roanoke Valley

Nov 10, 2014

• Patricia Eby – Difference Maker at the Roanoke Valley Campus

• Instructor of Anatomy & Physiology courses
• Holds a Master of Science degree in rehabilitation counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the VCU School of Nursing
• Certified Rehabilitation Counselor; Certified Disability Management Specialist; Licensed Clinical Nurse Specialist; Registered Nurse

• ANU faculty member since 2009
• Nominated for DePaul Community Resources Women of Achievement award - 2014
• Rehabilitation Professional of the Year (Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Professionals) - 2003

• Has run a private medical and vocational rehabilitation consulting practice for more than 20 years
• Gained previous experience in trauma nursing and outpatient clinical care in cardiology and orthopedics
• Past president and board member for both the Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Nurses and the Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Professionals

“I admire adult learners who take charge of their own destinies and decide to build a better life.
“My greatest rewards as an instructor are when I’m out in the medical world and a former student – now successfully employed in a meaningful job – runs up and thanks me for helping equip them to get there.
“I enjoy seeing students’ fear of anatomy change over to joyful confidence in understanding it.
“The Roanoke Valley Campus is a diverse population of faculty and students – joining together in a combined purpose – all working together.”

Patricia Eby is a Difference Maker at the Roanoke Valley Campus, where she has been an instructor since 2009.  She has more than 20 years of experience in nursing and rehabilitation counseling.


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