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St. Elizabeth Healthcare Provides Externship and Employment Opportunities

Jan 20, 2015

St. Elizabeth Healthcare was recently named a Distinguished Community Employer by the Florence Campus in recognition of the externships and employment opportunities that they provide to American National University students and graduates.  

Lisa Blank, system director of employment and development, said that as one of the largest employers in Northern Kentucky, St. Elizabeth feels that it’s important to partner with American National University and other schools in the area to provide educational opportunities for future medical professionals. “Our best resources are our people, so when we work with the community and with the schools, we’re cultivating a future workforce,” Ms. Blank stated. “We will certainly do anything that we can do to support [American National University].”

Amanda Ranney, a recent graduate of the pharmacy technician program at the Florence Campus, worked as an extern at St. Elizabeth Edgewood, and she feels that the experience was an invaluable one. “I really liked going there,” she said. “The staff was welcoming and everybody was wonderful. If I had questions, everybody was willing to answer them for me.”

At St. Elizabeth, Amanda worked side-by-side with professionals in the pharmacy to provide medications to the hospital’s patients. She particularly enjoyed mixing medications in the IV room. “You have to be exact with those,” she explained.  

Amanda, who passed the exam to become a certified pharmacy technician after completing her program, feels that the externship at St. Elizabeth will be very beneficial to her career. “Just getting that experience will push me ahead of the game,” she said.

A- Director of health care education Kathreen Buckner (left), medical assisting student Frances Rilo (second from left), and career center director Samantha Palmer (far right) presented the Distinguished Community Employer award to Lisa Blank, system director of employment and development at St. Elizabeth Healthcare (second from right).

B- Pharmacy technician graduate Amanda Ranney feels that the experience she gained while participating in an externship at St. Elizabeth Edgewood will be very beneficial to her career.

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