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Students and Instructors Go Above and Beyond

Sep 30, 2013

The Bristol Campus has many dedicated instructors that inspire their students.  Jonathan Worley’s Introduction to Business class recently studied business concepts and how to develop a business plan. He asked his class to create a charter for a local organization along with a business plan as a class assignment.  David Roach decided to choose National College as his business.  David created a mascot for National College called Nattie the Gnat, a whimsical, studious character who carried a book and wore the college’s distinctive purple.  Jonathan said, “What I found out about David is he doesn’t set limitations [for himself].”  Jonathan’s class is very interactive and students even stay in the classroom during breaks to discuss topics.  David said, “I am always striving to do my best and doing my best is going over and beyond.”

Sheri Jessee, director of healthcare education, is another National College instructor that inspires her students.  Her Medical Terminology class had a guest speaker who talked about organ donation to coincide with their study of human tissues.  Student Jim Bare became a donor himself at age 18, after hearing about organ donation and the importance to people needing organs. He spoke to the class on behalf of the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and provided instructions on how to become a registered donor.  Jim is a wonderful advocate for organ donation because he has had family members that have passed away while being on waiting lists for donations.  Jim said, “Organ donation is the most important gift you can give.”  As a result, four students have signed up to be donors since he began speaking for the OPO. 

Jim and David are prime examples of students taking an assignment and going above and beyond.

(A)-Student David Roach with his rendering of “Nattie the Gnat”, an idea for a school mascot.

(B)-Student Jim Bare addresses students regarding the importance of organ donation.

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