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Surgical Technology Graduate Enjoys Excitement and Variety of the Operating Room

Apr 13, 2015

Sarah Kirk graduated from the American National University Youngstown Campus in July 2014 with an associate’s degree in surgical technology. Sarah is now finishing her six month orientation at the newest branch of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown, which has recently expanded their surgical wing with the addition of four new suites to allow for a higher volume of surgeries. Orientation consists of participating in surgeries in each department of the hospital. Upon completion, Sarah will be able to move freely between these disciplines and assist on a variety of surgeries.

Shortly after graduating, Sarah was hired by the hospital after successfully completing an interview consisting of a five-member panel of employees who each quizzed her on a variety of duties. One of these panel members was St. Elizabeth’s nursing coordinator, Michele Ischkum. “She’s done beautifully; she is quick,” explained Michele of Sarah’s work at the hospital. 

A lot is expected from every employee in the operating room, and Sarah feels her hands-on training at National was key in being able to transition smoothly into this complex environment. “The amount of clinical work at so many locations prepared me for everything,” she explained of her experience at National. “I have not been surprised or lost.” Sarah enjoys the variety her new career brings and is excited to come to work every day. “Each day can be so dramatically different from the last,” she explained. 

Surgical technology graduate Sarah Kirk prepares to enter the operating room, where she enjoys the excitement and variety of each new day.

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