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Two More Externs Hired by HMG after Graduation

Aug 06, 2012

Jessica Rhodes had been working in fast food, when she decided that she wanted more in her life, and looked into furthering her education to open up those doors. She was interested in healthcare and was immediately attracted by National’s flexible class schedule and quick two-year medical assisting program. She enrolled at the Bristol Campus and found the teachers to be instructive and helpful, citing Sheri Jessee, the campus’s director of health care education, as one who had a significant impact on her time at school. Elizabeth Ruth Mooney, her fellow graduate, couldn’t agree more. Recently graduated from high school, Elizabeth was looking into continuing her education in pursuit of a career in healthcare – and found National’s medical assisting program to be a good fit.

Both girls found their start in the field through their externships with Holston Medical Group (HMG), one of the top medical care providers in northeast Tennessee. The experience helped get their foot in the door and their work caught the attention of Barsha Grant, LPN Nurse Manager of HMG, who hired the girls on shortly after they graduated with their degrees. “We really get to see them in action,” Barsha states about the benefits of hiring from students who complete their externs at HMG. “I take [the] input from the other providers and nurses to see how much initiative they show,” she shares, “It seems to me that a lot of National students... have that initiative and want to do well. They truly seem to appreciate the opportunity to come here and learn.”

That was certainly true for Jessica and Elizabeth, who are now enjoying their new careers with HMG. Elizabeth found her niche working in HMG’s Family Practice, and finds helping people the greatest reward in her new career. She enjoys her job, and aspires to pursue higher positions, having already risen to the position of a clinical leader at HMG. Jessica – currently working as a medical assistant/office nurse – shares that the most rewarding part of her day is working with patients face to face.

The Bristol Campus recently selected HMG as a National College “Distinguished Community Employer for the support it has given to National students in the medical programs. Director of Health Care Education Sheri Jessee is pictured presenting a plaque to HMG’s Barsha Grant.

Elizabeth Mooney is pictured in the top left photo. Jessica Rhodes is pictured in the top right photo. In the bottom photo, Director of Health Care Education Sheri Jessee is pictured as she presents a "Distinguished Community Employer" plaque to Barsha Grant at HMG.

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