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Vietnam Veterans of America Visit Campus

Jun 16, 2014

The Bristol Campus was visited on Tuesday, June 10 by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 979 from Kingsport, Tennessee.  The V.V.A. performed the flag retirement ceremony in memory of those who have perished during our nation’s wars.  All of the students, faculty, and staff who were present on campus, many of them veterans themselves, gathered for the ceremony.  Great reverence was paid to the flag and participants were careful not to let the flag touch the ground.  Some students saluted and were visibly emotional as the American flag was retired and a new flag took its place. 

The Vietnam Veterans of America was founded in 1978  and is the only national veterans’ organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.  National College goes out of its way to assist veterans and was honored to have the participation of the local V.V.A. chapter during its flag ceremony. 

“It was great to see the student body interacting with the public at our school,” said student David Roach.  “I appreciated seeing firsthand how the American flag should be retired by the Vietnam Veterans of America.  I have a new admiration for our veterans who continue to love, honor, and respect the United States of America.”  After the ceremony, members of the V.V.A. remained on campus, sharing their personal experiences and answering questions about their service in Vietnam.

A-At the Bristol Campus, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 979 performed an American Flag Retirement Ceremony.

B-The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 979 raised a new American Flag at the Bristol Campus. 

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