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Volunteering Makes a Positive Impact on Medical Student

Jul 14, 2014

Alicia Pruitt, a student at the Bristol Campus, had her life influenced by Kristina Morris, volunteer coordinator of the Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).  Ms. Morris visited director of healthcare education Sheri Jessee’s Pharmacology class in March to talk about the service organization and how volunteers are needed to help with certain medical projects.  Alicia proceeded to sign up for all available volunteering opportunities that the MRC provides. 

One of those opportunities was the “Drug Take Back” program.  “I met a lot of new people from different medical backgrounds…I had the chance to see how many drugs are out on the street and how easy it is for people to develop a drug problem,” Alicia said.  “I got to see dedicated people bring their unused prescription drugs back to be destroyed and kept off of the street.  That was one of the best things ever to see.  This is one way that I am using skills that I’ve learned to give back to my community.”

Alicia enrolled in March of 2012.  She is in the medical assisting program and will graduate this November.  She decided to attend college “to gain a career in the medical field and to help others.”  She said that she chose National because of the small class size and hands-on training.  “The instructors are very knowledgeable and have helped me from the day I walked in the door,” said Alicia.  She hopes to obtain a position as a medical assistant when she graduates and she is considering pursuing nursing school.

Alicia Pruitt (center), is pursuing her associate’s degree in medical assisting at the Bristol Campus and she is a volunteer for the Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps.


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